Insite Architects Lab



We operate as an architectural firm in the field of architectural design and applications since 1995. Our base is placed in Chania and run by Michael Giannakakis.
We form a remarkable group of architects, surveyors, mechanical and civil engineers.
We are inspired by the urban and natural environment, the history, the impulses of the sites, and by the needs of the modern man for quality in everyday life.
We design each building differently (in-situ design), integrated harmoniously with the environment. We want the architecture composition to be formed by reference according to the morphology of the landscape
We compose in all scaling levels (urban planning – building – interior – object), we create simple volumes with pure geometry, fully harmonised with the environment (terrain, orientation, climate conditions).
We believe that the idea passes through this philosophy giving its place to innovation. With this way, we design structures and define the volume that works in harmony with the space.


Architectural Design

Architecture-Spatial Design

Architectural Visualization and Rendering (3D modeling)

Reuse building Design

Bioclimatic Design

Lighting Design

Static Designs

Static Building Settlement

For reinforced concrete





Topographical – Spatial Designs

Topographical Land Mapping

Mapping for buildings and monuments

Property management (actual value determination, assessments, development)

Urban and regional planning


Interior & Extrerior Design

Artisanal design (furniture, objects etc)

Implementation Study

Project Supervision

Project implementation in cooperation with suppliers and specialist construction crews

Total project supervision

Work coordination and timeline compliance

Legal & Economical Benefit Services

Building Permits Issues

Legal cover

Detailed project budgets

Market research


Mechanical Designs

Installation Designs

Engineering designs and network modification



Michael Giannakakis

General Manager
Surveying Engineer
Urban Planning Specialist
Contractor forPublic and Private projects
Indoor & Outdoor Leader Designer

Konstantina Maria Kardarakou

Architect Engineer TUC

Elisavet Kanaki

Architect Engineer TUC

Konstantinos Pazionis

Architect Engineer TUC

Orestis Pliakos

Architect Engineer AUTH

Evgenia Tzotzolaki

Technologist of Civil and Structural Engineering

Maria Tsagraki

Trainee Architect Engineer TUC

Athanasios Kourouklis

IT Systems Architect - Mineral Resources Engineer TUC

Kalliopi Kalantzaki

Production & Management Engineer TUC

Antonis Proimos

Civil Engineer

Katerina Lilli

Civil Engineer

Kostas Kondilidis

Civil Engineer

Helias Ouzounstefanis

Mechanical Engineer

Kostas Lionoudakis

MSc Agronomist

Konstantinos Skilos

Construction Site Manager

Michael Skilos

Construction Site Manager

Anna Lioni

Trainee Architect Engineer TUC