Insite Architects Lab




Our study is developed around two main axis, which converge to the creation of a single proposal : the need of APIVITA company to create a new, recognizable identity and the focused study of the building at Solonos street, which will consist the main company’s store.

On ground floor we place the main products’ presentation – testing benches exactly beneath the ground level ceiling opening, at the place where the sense of space comfort is most present, due to the double story-height and the freedom of movement around the benches. At the center of the hall, visible from ground and first floor, a lighting element is mounted which acts as a decorative aspect and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. The use of herbs as an integral element of APIVITA products and the ecological character of our company gives the idea to illustrate some of the main plants used in structures made by recycled paper. So we construct a “paper garden” on the bench and so create a complete composition in the center of the ground floor.

Moving to the store’s first floor, we have to design a bar for drinks, a small library and a natural product selling point ( such as honey, tea, oil etc.). The basic concept is that the ground floor paper garden transforms into a natural garden at the first floor and the various plants participate in the space design, contributing to the formation of an environment friendly, comforting, pleasant and natural. The visual contact because of the ground floor ceiling hole makes even more obvious the the discrimination and coexistence of the two gardens. For various products for sale, we design a central rack based on the same logic of the central floor racks, placed as a slight separation between the staircase and the bar.